7 Benefits of Integrated Facilities Management

Few things can induce more anxiety in an operation than having to work technology into the mix. Even more difficult is the task of reshuffling said operation’s moving pieces so that things run as smoothly as possible. This is what is at the heart of integrated facilities management (IFM). Companies of all sizes have areas where processes aren’t optimal. They’re overstaffed in some spots & understaffed in others. It could be that too many outside vendors/contractors are thrown into the mix & it’s causing confusion. In all of these instances (and many more), integrated facilities management aims to make things right.

The Danger of Fighting Progress

But this is no easy task. Some might even go so far as to call it semi-Herculean. Herein lies is why so many companies opt to not address facility management matters. The ‘good enough’ mindset has, in effect, become the modus operandi of many companies. They tend to lump problems into the milieu of ‘…just the way it is…’. The destructive nature of this attitude is hard to put into words, though it is slowly & subtlety eroding the proverbial foundation of the company.

Getting Everyone On The Same Page

Consolidation of facility management & strategies under a single system is important because it makes it easier to see what is going on from day to day. This kind of efficient oversight creates clarity for all members of the team, something that may be seriously lacking. As difficult as this transition may be, the benefits of integrated facilities management are fairly significant. They can include, but aren’t limited to: 

• greater environmental stewardship through best practices

• overall occupant comfort & productivity (employees & clients)

• leads to streamlining of company goals with greater focus on meaningful tasks

• savings by way of a reduction of operating costs

• leads to growth of the company/operation over time

• a harmonious unification of all moving parts

Avoid Falling Behind

One of the more low-key advantages of integrated facilities management (IFM) is the way it facilitates the upgrading of technology. The advancement of building automation systems (BAS) in only the last few years has allowed many companies to almost exponentially increase the productivity & effectiveness of their operation. Employees are better able to keep an entire facility, no matter the size, online and working at its most optimized state. Programmable sequences work with intelligent technology, to streamline entire systems (e.g., HVAC). They are then able to adjust as conditions dictate.

This is not an overnight process. Trying to get all moving parts of an operation (e.g., vendors, contractors, departments) working in tandem takes time. But with the right mindset and a dedication to a prescribed plan, the coordination of all internal & external elements of a company can be brought back onto the same page.

The Right Bit Of Help

Running a company is not an easy task. The last few years have shown that in more ways than one. However, companies who have invested in integrated facilities management have been able to handle shifts in supply chains, wildly erratic consumer habits, and major changes in available personnel. The first step begins with a philosophical change when addressing current best practices. The next step may prove the be the most significant — finding the right IFM partner to help make it happen.

ACIS Innovative Solutions is the standard bearer in integrated facilities management in North Texas. We understand the importance of adapting to new technology, all while still keeping the human factor at the core of every company. Contact us today & let us help you take that next step forward.

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