Five Things That Should Be On Your Planned Preventative Maintenance List

No matter the size of a facility, it is imperative that there be a planned preventative maintenance checklist in place. Depending on the size of the operation, preventative maintenance may be an ongoing process throughout the year. The key takeaway is making sure everything is running smoothly in a facility at all times.

Why Preventative Maintenance Matters

While the reasons for these timely checks are varied, facility management experts all agree that creating & keeping to a planned preventative maintenance list allows for :

• less downtime should an issue arise

• better operation from equipment & machinery

• lower costs of operation due to improved efficiency

Maintenance During Turbulent Times

However, if there is one perceived downside to establishing & implementing a plan, it is the investment of time and effort to see it executed in a consistent manner. The general workforce is experiencing major shifts. There are also increasing concerns about the economy. All of this can make it tempting to focus on more immediate matters. Rest assured, however, that skimping on a dedicated preventative maintenance checklist, or opting out of one as a whole, will, in time, prove to be problematic.

Establishing, or updating, a planned preventative maintenance list starts with getting a baseline of the facility is at that moment. This means taking an inventory of everything in the facility in question. There also needs to be major effort in collecting and/or creating documentation when original paperwork cannot be found.

Next, formulating preventative maintenance protocols should include the following:

• machinery, including individual parts (e.g., calibrating machinery, checking fluid levels)

• making note of items out & around facility (e.g., discernible hazards in parking areas)

• safety areas marked, structural checks, loose items secured

• assess data security & monitor internet access (e.g., acceptable use policy or AUP)

A Checklist That Serves The Facility

There is no one solution to every setting. However, taking basic preventative steps is a universal quality all operations should strive to embody.

Finally, the best step facility management & ownership can take is seeking input from an established firm that specializes in facility assessment. Contact ACIS of North Texas today to have our experts guide you through the process & help you see the benefits a planned preventative maintenance list can have for your operation.

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