How To Find The Right HVAC Repair Service

If finding a good HVAC repair service contractor for one\’s home is difficult, trying to do the same for commercial applications is even tougher. Yes, there are some similarities in how these systems operate. However, residential HVAC is not just a scaled-down version of commercial HVAC.

What Does \”Commercial\” Mean?

Defining a commercial setting is a critical step. Typically, this would mean environments like multi-family housing (i.e., apartment buildings), restaurants, stores, and offices. Square footage is often bigger. Also, higher foot traffic that makes it harder to keep the environment consistently at one temperature.

Commercial settings tend to have multiple uses converging into one shared space. This makes it difficult to ascertain patterns of draws on the HVAC system. This is thrown into a further tizzy when one considers environments like stadiums and arenas. These facilities often cater to tens of thousands of individuals. As such, consistent regulation of an HVAC system can feel nearly impossible.

Commercial & Residential HVAC Aren\’t The Same

The operative word is ‘nearly’, however. While the logistics can seem impossible & downright silly, the best HVAC companies do not bat an eyelash. The goal is to work with a commercial HVAC service company that specializes in commercial operations. As noted before, the scale of a commercial system is such that residential services can’t simply be upsized effectively to meet demand. It is also important that the company tapped for the position can implement proven hardware & design that extends the life of equipment, avoids expensive downtime, and excels in maintaining ideal indoor air quality for a space.

It also helps to work with a service company that has numerous HVAC-related capabilities to its name. These can include but aren’t limited to: humidification & dehumidification, RTU replacement & additions, VAV terminal systems, and ductwork modification and replacement. Other things worthy of consideration include:

Available Brands

The phrase ‘supply chain interruptions’ is getting old, especially in service industries like HVAC. Certain tried-and-true brands instill confidence, so it is important to be weary of HVAC repair service companies to compare lesser-known brands as being “essentially the same thing”. That said, be weary about companies only selling a few brands as it is important to pair the right system to the application.

Up-To-Date Technology

Even when companies do have brand name equipment available, it is important to ask how current it is. HVAC technology, just like any other form of tech, changes rapidly. Find out how tech-savvy an HVAC service company is by inquiring about the data they’re using to help recommend certain repairs and/or replacements. Also, ask about building automation systems (BAS) and the best way to connect a facility’s HVAC system to it.

Knowledge of System Sizing

Apartment buildings are completely different from sports arenas in just about every way, including in/especially with square footage. The manner in which an HVAC system will operate in one does not really fit the mold for the other. A good HVAC repair service team knows this. Moreover, they will make it a point to break down how they size a system to a space to remain as transparent as possible.

Of course, the reputation of an HVAC repair service company must be stellar in the industry with which a facility is associated, as well as the community they serve. The inherent need to find the right HVAC team is underscored by one simple truth — in time, an HVAC system will experience wear & tear, leading to repairs or possibly even replacement. Is the right team in place for YOUR facility?

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